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Carla Collection Jewelry

As the world leans more and more towards high fashion, there has always been a need for classic and wearable jewelry; whether that is a pair of gold ball studs or a simple hoop earring. At home or at the office, we’ve taken a new look at traditional design and crafted our line to be perfect for everyday wear and every woman.

Nancy B Jewelry

For the days you need a little flair or the perfect earring for your little black dress think of Nancy B. We’ve designed our line to serve as your go to fun jewelry while still taking a simplistic approach. Sometimes your jewelry doesn’t need to scream…sometimes it just needs to shine.

Our Process

We pride ourselves on the quality and finish in which we create our jewelry. We promise a Lifetime Guarantee and in doing so, we make jewelry to last just that, a lifetime. In our press, solder, plate, and electroform departments, we strive for our quality to be unmatched.

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