About Us

At ShopInde (Shop Independent) we understand that finding unique, distinctive jewelry is tough. We understand that finding a wide variety of unique designer items is often best accomplished online. We also understand that many prefer to buy from a trusted local independent jeweler who offers them confidence, personalization, a relationship and trust.

Our goal is to bring those two together. At ShopInde you can find not-run-of-the-mill jewelry. You'll find jewelry with unique, distinctive design. You'll find jewelry with craftsmanship and quality you never see at the 'mass market' stores. You'll find jewelry you can own with pride and pass down with confidence.

And when you buy it, you're connected to a local independent jewelry retailer who is part of our network, and who stands behind it and is ready to serve your needs.

Best of both worlds? Yes, you CAN have it both ways. Shop Independent while still getting the best of the Web, support your local retailer, buy with confidence knowing a real, live jeweler just up the road is ready to support you.