Getting Started

Gather high-resolution square images of the items you wish to list with dimension of at least 1,000 X 1,000 pixels. Image quality is a must for eCommerce. If you have a question about the quality of your images, please contact us. We have exclusive relationships with graphic designers and high quality photographers to offer quality work at discounted rates. 

For more sizable product lists please download our BULK UPLOAD FORM and watch this INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO.

Worksheet Tutorial from ShopInd? on Vimeo.


Download our retailer form HERE and fill in your existing retailers.

Email us at and we'll create a store for you and upload all your products for you.


Next Steps:

The slide show image at the top is where you'll put links to collections, items, and videos.  The images must be 1920x534px.

Likewise, there are three promo boxes for you to likewise personalize If you'd like. These should be 360×220px