The Queen Bracelet: Tahitian pearl bracelet

The Queen Bracelet: Tahitian pearl bracelet
The Queen Bracelet: Tahitian pearl bracelet
The Queen Bracelet: Tahitian pearl bracelet
By: Galatea


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GAL-Queen Bracelet


Queen Bead Collection

The story

I'm an artist. When I look at pearls, I ask myself how a plain canvas can hold
more value than one that is painted. When I see a pearl before me, I think of
it as a canvas.
It's an act of creativity, an expression of my hope to be free of constraints,
to see beyond the obvious and create something unique. Inside of every one
of us is the desire to be free to act, to be free to think, love and express ourselves.
It is about unleashing the creative spirit and in doing so, creating
a symbol of originality and individualism.
Our carved pearl Queen Bead™ Collection is made for those of us who are not
afraid, as Joseph Campbell once wrote, "to stand before the forest and enter the
darkest place," for those of us who burn the road map and make our own way.
These carved pearls are for the woman who declares, "I am my own queen."
I hope Galatea's Queen Beads are worn with the spirit of individuality in which
they were created.


10.5-11mm Tahitian pearl, hand carved

Sterling silver Box chain.

7.5 inches

Each pearl is hands carved in a different carving style.

If you need longer then a 7.5 inches bracelet please send an email to us.

It will cost $95 for each additional pearl.