World's Greatest Dad Ring

World's Greatest Dad  Ring
World's Greatest Dad  Ring
World's Greatest Dad  Ring
World's Greatest Dad  Ring
World's Greatest Dad Ring
By: Galatea


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Name: “World's Greatest Dad”

  • A sail boat
  • An anchor
  • Three people
  • The Earth

This ring’s simple design appreciates the man who has worked hard throughout his life to feed his family,
without asking anything in return but their love.The sail boat symbolizes the vessel that carries us on our
life's journey and protects us from the violent, stormy seas. The sun rises on the horizon of hope.

The three people symbolize a family.  The father represents the captain of the ship that guides us into manhood.  

The anchor symbolizes stability.  It keeps us from drifting out of control in the vast oceans. The Earth symbolizes humanity as one united family. Around the Earth is a ribbon that reads, “World’s Greatest Dad.”

Okay, let’s be honest here.  Not all fathers are the greatest in the world, but I cannot base my judgment on anyone else’s Dad. In fact, most of us have a hard time understanding our fathers after hearing them say, “No, no, no!” since we were born.
When you are two to six years old, it sounds something like this:

“No, Jimmy, you can’t have any more candy.”

“But why not?”

“No, Jimmy, you can’t watch TV.”

“But, Dad…I’m bored!”

Then when you are 7 to 13- years old, it sounds more like this:

“Take out the trash, go to your room, and make your bed.”

“But why?  I’m going to mess up the bed tonight anyway, so what’s the point?”

And once you are 14 to 18-years old, it sounds like:

“No, it’s not a good idea to have a girlfriend right now.  You need to focus on school and figure out what
you’re going to do with your life.”

And then, when you are 40-years old, Dad shows up at your house and tells you how to raise your family.

“You should not work so hard.  You should pay more attention to your kids.”

Don’t you wish he would just stop telling you what to do?  The truth is that most of us don’t really agree with our fathers, and not all of us have the greatest dad in the world. But there is one thing I am certain of.  If you ask your dad, “If someone tries to kill me, will you die to protect me?” I believe he will say “Yes” and really mean it.

I am not certain if anyone else in this world would be willing to do this for you. And maybe this is all you
need to know about your father. This is why he is the greatest dad in the world – the one who will do
whatever it takes to protect you.

Let him know that you truly believe he is the World’s Greatest Dad.


Dimensions: 27mm x 23mm