Two of One Heart

Two of One Heart
Two of One Heart
Two of One Heart
Two of One Heart
By: Galatea


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“Two of One Heart”

The richness in us is not our wealth or our intellect but our hearts.
A heart cannot live until it gives love.
A heart cannot live until it receives love.
One heart can unlock the secret of life when it finds love.
When love is given, receive it not with the hands, body or mind but with an open heart,
We share, we love, we laugh, we cry together forever.
And we respect the space between us so we can be free and together at the same time.

This heart represents the union of love, the journey that begins and never ends. It is not one heart or two hearts, this is a very special heart that one only finds in another. That is why I call it, “Two of One Heart.”


Copyright by Chi Huynh / Galatea 2010 # VAu-1-010-959


Diamonds: .23cttw; Quality: SI; Color: G-H

Dimensions: 21mm x 24mm