Digital Locket

Digital Locket
Digital Locket
Digital Locket
Digital Locket
Digital Locket
By: Momento Smart Jewelry


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Traditional lockets can hold a loved one's picture. But Momento jewelry can hold their voice. Though it looks like a traditional piece of pearl, gemstone or diamond jewelry, every pendant, earring or ring from the Momento Collection is embedded with an NFC chip that remains unseen to the naked eye. Using our Galatea app, a voice message can be recorded and played back whenever Momento touches the enabled NFC mobile phone. Images, texts and web links can also be uploaded and saved for posterity. The Momento Collection is an incredible blend of traditional jewelry and technology, available only from Galatea: Jewelry by Artist.


We are the first jewelry company in the world that offer NFC Jewelry, diamond and gem that work and interactive with Iphone 7 and newer.


Important Notice.


It will work with NFC enable Android Phone. You can heck NFC function in your setting.



Imagine 50 years from now, you will say to your daughter,

Every precious moment in your life from the day you were

born is in this Momento Diamond.


The value of this Momento Diamond will be priceless in the

future. It is a digital locket and a time capsule of your life

that will live on for generations.



*Safe in an ultrasonic cleaner.

*Heat tolerant 175F.

*Lifetime warranty.

*Secure data and privacy protection patented technology.


Important Notice.


It will work with NFC enable Android Phone. You turn NFC function ON in your setting.


For all iPhone user: Make sure to update your iPhone before you can down the Galatea jewelry app. If your phone is not updated to the latest Iphone software then you will not be able to find the Galatea Jewelry app on the App store.


Total weight : 0.76ct diamonds

Center: 0.22ct diamond Si / GH color

Accent diamond: 0.54ct diamond Si / GH color

10mm White topaz NFC reflector

Dimensions: 28mm x 14mm