Tear of Joy

Tear of Joy
Tear of Joy
Tear of Joy
By: Galatea


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Have you ever seen a gemstone melt before?
This only happens when love is your heart.

I once dreamed of a gemstone melting into a drop of water and awoke inspired to bring it to life. This presented a problem; a cutting machine best fabricates the hard, sparkling edges of faceted gems, but making a drop of water is best done by hand. The challenge was to create a totally new gemstone, one that is faceted on the top but that also appears as if it has melted on the bottom. It requires both Man and machine to express this unique look. I could not keep this vision in my head, so here is it.
I hope you enjoy this new collection I call "The Tear of Joy".

When does a gemstone melt?
This only happens when love is in your heart.
When love overwhelms you with happiness,
then tears of joy appear.
Only the luckiest obtain this precious moment in life with the one they love.
All will know she is loved when she wears the "Tear of Joy".
"Tears of Joy" for the one you love.


Center Colored stone Size: Topaz Swiss Blue 14.0 x 8.0mm
Diamonds: 0.02 cttw; Quality: SI; Color: G-H